Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amanda and Darren hit the Ad world (8)

Amanda and Darren hope all of you are having as much fun and having as many experiences as they are. Share some stories and give a little insight because we are halfway done!

10 pixels for eighth week: 
1st:  There always has to be a reason why.
2nd:  Communication is key.
3rd:  The client world in a literal world.
4th:  Half of advertising is knowing what is going on in advertising right now.
5th:  Meetings clarify.
6th:  Idea statements help focus brainstorming.
7th:  Copy should be a conversation.
8th:  Each team has their own presenting dynamic.
9th:  Laying the concept out onto the medium being used helps understand how it’ll be presented.
10th:  Everything really is used more then once.
Highlight of the week: AD completed their first set of super boards and two magazine print ads! This was an amazing experience for the two of them.

Amanda Langdon and Darren Ray wrote this blog. No third parties were involved.

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