Friday, January 14, 2011

Amanda and Darren hit the Ad World

Over the next few months Chocolate Microscope will serve as a meeting place for our fourth year students who are out on placement. Together we'll share and celebrate firsts, wins, ups and even the downs associated with an ad agency internship.

The first entry comes to us from Amanda Langdon and Darren Ray who are currently at Y&R Toronto.

After week one of interning at Young  & Rubicam, Amanda and Darren (to be expressed as AD) have their first experiences within the inner workings of the allusive advertising world.

So far, this week has been packed with experiences and learning curves for AD. Even though this is their first week on the job the group at Y&R has thrown them directly into the world of advertising.
Below are comments that AD wanted to give back to the upcoming ad interns. (These apply to anyone and everyone; it doesn’t matter where you land a gig in the future.)

Top 10 Pixels for the First Week:

1st: Snow-mageddon causes taxi’s to turn down people
2nd: Photo shoots have more food then you can possibly consume
3rd: Studio’s are action packed. Jackie Chan style
4th: Who knew networking in a warehouse was possible
5th: Microfiber, what a diva
6th: They are called taxi chits, not chips
7th: Two weeks in Ad Centre doesn’t do justice
8th: Some Art Directors do enjoy a little dress-up (see below)
9th: You now have eight layers of skin. Moleskin
10th: You know nothing. Yet.

Highlight of the week: After conquering blistery winds, snow squalls, and enormous taxi waits; AD arrived on the set of their first photo shoot at Westside Studio. Here they were introduced to everyone from the client to the photographer, Nikki Ormerod. The best part was the instant comfort level that both interns felt and that lead into being able to have an extremely positive experience with everyone, oh and the unlimited M&M pretzels. AD eagerly await next week’s adventures.

Amanda Langdon and Darren Ray wrote this blog. No third parties were involved.

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