Thursday, March 10, 2011

I like big buns

Agencies spend a lot of time coaching clients about creating and managing their online presence. But how many of them are drinking their own Kool-Aid? How many agencies are consciously aware of their own brand online? One would assume that a website is the cost of entry, but we've all dropped by an agency's website only to find it out of date or only partially functional. And it seems like only a handful of Canadian shops have a Twitter account that is managed well enough to really create any kind of meaningful dialogue.

From any number of streams, a potential client or employee should get a feel for what an agency is like. The video below from Rethink does just that. Despite being a bit goofy, it offers an insight into the the agency's culture. Between stuff like this and their FestiveRequestive you get a pretty good idea about what kind of place Rethink really is.

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