Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amanda and Darren hit the Ad world (5)

Amanda and Darren have reached a first, the first month that is. It’s crazy looking back over the past five weeks and seeing all that AD has experienced and learned.

10 pixels for the fifth week:
1st:  Always remain cool in stressful situations.
2nd:  You always get sick in a new work environment.
3rd:  “You’re one big idea away from fame.”
4th: Challenge your achievements.
5th:  Remember it’s a learning experience.
6th:  Always push for a better idea.
7th:  You always feel a little lonely when your partners not here.
8th:  Get a solid nights rest.
9th;  Don’t be confined to the office to brainstorm.
10th:  Humber Grads would shoot a dog too, but only with a camera.
Highlight of the week:
Y&R Town Hall meeting. Being part of an agency feels a little surreal at times. Everything that goes on is certainly exciting and there is never a lack of events hosted by the Y&R team it seems.  This particular meeting was filled with internal awards given out and a showing the current amazing work that is being done here.  AD is beginning to realize how much really goes on within the inner workings of an agency. They will continue to take it one day at a time.

Amanda Langdon and Darren Ray wrote this blog. No third parties were involved.

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