Monday, March 19, 2012

Beyond Banners: Be a 3D Star

Here's a great piece out of Euro RSCG Chicago for Sprint. It's an interactive video launching the HTC EVO 3D. When everything was said and done there was over 6.2 million views with an average viewing time of nearly five minutes. When was the last time you happily sat through a five minute commercial....and then shared it with your friends?

The video uses Facebook Connect - which is the service that most people associate with releasing their Facebook information and assets to 3rd party companies to enable commenting or the installation of an app. However as Euro has proved, when combined with a big idea, Facebook Connect has the power to produce unparalleled engagement.

EURO CHI: EVO Case Study from EuroRSCGChi on Vimeo.

Beyond Banners is a reoccurring series on Chocolate Microscope where we explore the vast, vast world of on-line advertising and engagement, beyond standard banners.

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