Friday, March 16, 2012

Timeplay changes the cinema experience

Everybody likes movies, but what has become clear is the way audiences watch them is changing. Movie theatre attendance has been steadily declining for years thanks to the introduction of new technologies that offer the movie watching experience along with the added benefits of lower cost and convenience. Movie lovers are turning to other viewing options such as Netflix and other providers to get their entertainment fix. 

So – the challenge is to find innovative ways to make the movie theatre experience relevant and engaging or face great loss of profit. 

I was recently at Cineplex Odeon theatre to watch Project X when something cool caught my attention. People sitting beside me took out their smart phones and started shooting at the big screen. People were standing up out of their chairs and really getting into it. As each shot was fired onto the screen the person’s name whose phone it was would appear on screen. The screen had become a monitor with which everyone could interact. All you need is to download the free TimePlay app and then you’re free to start playing to win prizes! 

I am not saying this alone is going to entice people to reconsider watching movies in theatres, but I do believe it is a small step in creating an environment that engages previously passive audiences. 

This post courtesy of 3rd year CABA, Micaela Hoglund. 

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