Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The first ever dual species iPad game

Today's branded app is yesterday's "viral" video. Clients are asking for them without really understanding what it takes to do it well. And an app without any downloads is akin to a video without any views: pointless.

My students can attest to the fact that I'll be the first one to send them back to drawing board when presenting an app without any kind of 'wow' factor. It needs something that will engage, interest or entertain. Something that will compel people to open the app more than once. 

Friskies has created a series of iPad Games for Cats - a sure sign that they're acutely aware of not only the consumers of their products, but also the purchasers. What's more, they've even managed to one up themselves with their latest title: You vs Cat - which claims to be the first ever dual species iPad game. Watch, enjoy and if you have a cat (or can borrow one) download it. 

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