Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amanda and Darren hit the Ad world (9)

This week was one of AD’s busiest so far while working at Y&R. It was full of deadlines, conferences calls to Chicago, and a big fish that needed to make an appearance at the Chicago and San Jose game the following Monday. This put AD into gear ‘Sheen’, it was GO time.

10 pixels for ninth week: 
1st:  Simple ideas can have very technical executions.
2nd:  Final details can make huge improvements.
3rd:  Things run smoothly when all creative’s are on the same page.
4th:  There is no right way to make it in this business.
5th:  You’re only as good as the last thing you did.
6th:  Evan small victories should be celebrated because they are part the bigger picture.
7th:  Ask and you will receive, if not ask again.
8th:  Contrary to popular belief, the phone is still the simplest form of communication.
9th:  Sometimes clients do pick the one you liked best.
10th:  Being creative makes you famished.
Highlight of the week: AD created a campaign for Ontario Tourism which was revealed at the United Center in Chicago. After second by second execution and figuring out how to create the best 20-second spot possible, AD completed one of the most exciting medium executions to date.

Amanda Langdon and Darren Ray wrote this blog. No third parties were involved

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