Friday, February 25, 2011

Amanda and Darren hit the Ad world (6)

“A man can consider himself a success when he wakes up in the morning, goes to bed at night and in between did exactly what he wanted”  - Bob Dylan
The point of being an intern is to figure out what success is to you. That is a lesson not learned in school. AD finish week six. Victory.

10 pixels for the sixth week:
 1st: Passion is the greatest influencer.
2nd: Socialize with everyone.
3rd; Creativity is contagious.
4th: Inspiration can come from anywhere.
5th: Mild weather makes for a new outlook.
6th: Fresh set of eyes never fails.
7th: There is never a dull moment in the office.
8th: If you never act, you will never know for certain.
9th: Step out of your comfort zone. It will give you a new perspective.
10th: Never take yourself to seriously.

Highlight of the week:
Valentines Day Princess Margaret Hospital Fundraiser. Being involved in everything from the road hockey to conquer cancer to raising money internally with a bake sale, willing to support your clients say a lot about the type of agency Y&R is. Getting to volunteer was a great opportunity for AD to socialize and spread some work appropriate love on V-day.

Amanda Langdon and Darren Ray wrote this blog. No third parties were involved.

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