Wednesday, January 26, 2011

160over90 JOB-A-THON

As you may recall, a few weeks back I had my make-up done at a photo shoot. Once we got the actual shot we needed my partner and I jumped in front of the camera - but not before sitting down with a professional make-up artist. That's right, even though it looks like the lipstick was applied with a cannon, a professional made it happen. While she was applying copious amounts of blush I asked her if it felt counterintuitive to be doing such a terrible job. Quite the opposite, she replied, it's really liberating.

So I have to wonder how the guys at 160over90 felt when building their JOB-A-THON site. Typically the Philadelphia based shop is known for doing some really tasty work for Nike, Herman Miller and American Eagle Outfitters, but this time around they reincarnated every web cliche from the 90's: repeated animated GIFs, multiple sparkly unicorns and of course, rainbows.

Either way, don't like the site scare you. They're hosting an on-line JOB-A-THON on February 10. So if you think you could gain an appreciation for cheesesteak sandwiches, you may want to apply. They're looking for Art Directors, Designers and Copywriters.

Starting at 6:00 AM, Executive Creative Director, Jim Wells will be conducting interviews via Skye for at least 24 hours. The top candidates will then later be flown to the City of Brotherly Love for an in person interview. 

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