Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unicorn Tuesday brings good news and glitter

On what was otherwise a pretty terrible day for me, yesterday I got this piece of fantastic news: Anderson DDB interns Chelsey and Sarah are now Anderson DDB juniors. Here's how they tell the story:

So it's Unicorn Tuesday, and obviously that makes it a magical day. As Sarah has already mentioned, we created Dress Up Fridays over here at Anderson DDB, but one Tuesday a senior copywriter wore a t-shirt with two unicorns throwing up rainbows and since then we are dubbing every Tuesday Unicorn Tuesday.  I'm wearing a button with a Unicorn on it.  Anyways, our internship is up at the end of March and we have been pretty sad about it.  We both have gained amazing experience working here and don't want to leave.  But today the Unicorn threw up rainbows and glitter on us and handed us a magical 6 month contract. And in the words of Brendan "Dancing and typing at the same time is very hard!!"  Many, many, many thanks to Brendan, Humber and the entire staff at Anderson.  Happy Unicorn Tuesday everyone!
Big congratulations goes out to Chelsey and Sarah. They worked their butts off and deserve this awesome opportunity.

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