Friday, March 19, 2010

Humber students get published

As a student you tend to spend a lot of time standing in bus shelters. Often times they're not very pleasent places. They're dirty, littered and the unmistakable smell discourages you from sitting down if in fact there is a bench. However there's one thing that can make the whole experience a bit less demoralizing: seeing your ad on the shelter. And that's the case right now for Julia, Denver, Martin, and Spencer who contributed to ads for the Ontario Human Rights Commission which can be seen on bus shelters all over the city.

Navigating any kind of government organization can be hugely challenging and overly bureaucratic. And even though those involved didn't get to work on the final production they should still feel hugely proud about getting such a solid idea through. 

Big thanks goes out to Colanthony for snapping the picture below. This particular bus shelter was at Jane and Weston.

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