Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grad makes a salty commercial

Never in a million years did I think I would ever feel sorry for a salt shaker, but then along came the Knorr campaign. My heart broke as I watched that poor little guy walk around aimlessly. You can imagine how much restraint it took not to yell, "Damn you Knorr. Damn you and your low sodium products", as he cried tears of salt.

But there is a silver lining. One of our grads was given a chance to work on some webisodes which were spawned by that initial Salty spot. Jorgen Stovne, Toronto's Most Norwegian Art Director, is now at DDB and contributed, along with partner Ryan Hamacher, to "Neck Brace".

The rest can be viewed on Salty's You Tube Channel.


  1. love it. the salty dude was one of my favourite spots I've seen in ages.

    And I remember strolling by that diner when this was being filmed wondering what the hell was going on at the "Quality Inn" or whatever it's called.

    Hint: normally nothing is going on in that place. AT ALL. It's a ghost town.

  2. Can't say how happy I am about DDB allowing interns (I wasn't hired yet at the time) to help out on fun projects like this one! Hat off to Paul and Dave for giving us a chance!

    Now make sure to go order your clone of Salty (& Pep) at :-)