Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The movies just got more interactive

Have you ever been in a theater while someone was yelling at the movie? "Hey moron, don't go upstairs!" and you're thinking, "Hey moron, she can't hear you!"

Well, now she can. So don't you feel silly? 

Last Call is the first interactive horror movie in the world where the audience is able to communicate with the protagonist. A film controlled by a member of the audience, thus blurring the boundaries between game and film. Language recognition software transforms the participant's answers via mobile phone into specific instructions. 
This link comes to use from third year Chocolate Microscoper Jenn Keenan. As she put it, this has pretty huge implications about how we're going to be able to interact with our audience in the future. 

So I guess now, we're supposed to leave our phone on during the movie?


  1. 2xAmazing!
    how will this work at home? dedicated movie servers? Phone lines built into DVD players? Or I guess blu-ray, now...