Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crafting your ads

I've spent a lot of time talking about crafting your ads. Anyone who has worked with me one-on-one knows that I will stress about every single little detail. That's because it's the little things that stand between good and great. It's the added touches that will take a solid idea and give it an awesome execution. It's the attention to detail that means the difference between, "Call me in a few months." and "Can you start Monday?". 

Below you'll find an example of the difference that craft makes. I took an ad and removed some of the finer touches. I went in and took away the little things that I've been bugging you about.

Notice how giving the background just a bit of texture changes things. Check out the reflection on the product - it's subtle, but nice. And the biggest thing, obviously, is the type. The original ad includes type that was set with care and purpose. The copy in the revised ad is boring could have been typed with by a monkey on a typewriter. A really smart roller skating monkey who smokes cigars, but a monkey nonetheless.

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