Sunday, November 8, 2009

HOW TO: Generate Ideas

At one time or another we all get stuck. It's normal. If there's one thing you can count on in this business, it's the fact that at one time or another, you'll hit a wall on most of the briefs you work on. Sometimes the ideas will just flow, while other times the blank pages of your sketch book will sit there and mock you.

I've found that changing things up helps. No one has thought of a Lion winning idea after sitting in a dark room for the thirteenth straight hour. Get up. Dance around. Listen to music. Bake cookies. Go for a walk. Watch a movie (any suggestions Jordan?). Or if you always work at your desk, go work at a coffee shop - like I am right now. Shout out to Crema.

You can also work through idea producing exercises to ensure that you've examined the brief from every possible angle. Just like we talked about in class, you need to look beyond the literal interpretation of the brief.

If you click below, I've attached an excerpt from Mario Pricken's book, Creative Advertising. This particular PDF is a methodology for producing ideas.

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  1. Some people like to cook, I like to eat. It works for me. ;)

  2. If people are looking for film suggestions, please e-mail me privately. This is not the proper forum for such discussions.