Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HOW TO: Make an on-line portfolio

We are now twenty days away from Portfolio Show and if your weren't already overwhelmed with the thought of perfecting your book, I'm going to nag you some more about getting your work on-line in one form or another. But don't worry, I'm coming to your with samples and solutions.

First off, please know that I'm not standing on this 'on-line portfolio' soapbox all alone. Heidi Ehlers, is right there with me. She's the big kahuna over at Black Bag, and if you haven't already, it would serve you well to familiarize yourself with the work she does.

One thing she pushes every single creative person to do, is build themselves a website. And if you don't believe me, check out points 4-8 on this entry from the Black Blog

There's going to be a couple ways it - click below for samples.

1. You could build a site from scratch, using a program like Dreamweaver or iWeb. This will give you full control, with clickable buttons and image galleries.
2. You could build a simple landing page that promts the visitor to download your PDF.
3. You could use a portfolio hosting service like Carbonmade or FIGDIG and then just buy a URL and forward it there.

Custom Built Sites:
Ben Salas
Liza Behles
Marques Gartrell

Landing Page + Downloadable PDF:
Jamie Fox
Kevin Still
Erica Donovaro

Hosted Portfolios:
Dan Cole
Randy Quan
Amanda Hughes

This is really, really important. If you've already done this, please send me the URL. If you need a hand - ask.

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