Friday, October 30, 2009

Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence • Brief #2

Once again, great work on the second round of briefs. With each passing week Richard and I get more and more excited about Portfolio Show. Everyone is pushing each other further and making the work progressively better.

Hopefully you're starting see a trend. The work that's rising to the top is not only strategically sound, but is executed with craft AND includes the "Wow" factor. And that's the triple threat. Your golden ticket is a book full of campaigns which are strategically bang-on, painstakingly crafted and includes something that will surprise the Creative Director.

A big congratulations goes out to Mishelle, Amanda, Jordan, Kristina and Megan Mac.

Click below to see the winning work.

Brief: Hot Docs Film Festival
Winner: Mishelle Menzies
Craft: Art Director


Brief: Hot & Spicy Food Festival
Winner: Amanda Vintinner
Craft: Art Director

Brief: NXNE
Winner: Jordan Cohen
Craft: Writer

Brief: Green Living Show
Winner: Kristina Ferraro
Craft: Art Director
Winner: Megan MacDougall
Craft: Writer

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  1. Great work...I'm pleased....