Saturday, October 31, 2009

29.10.09: Creative Briefs + Integrated Campaign Examples

Alright, this is the last major brief before Portfolio Show. As discussed it's a fully integrated campaign and will be the center piece of your book. You're going to work harder, push further, sweat more and put more hours behind this brief than any other previously. You better start brewing some coffee because if you're actually getting some sleep over the next couple of weeks, you're not working hard enough.

"Media Neutral" is the big buzz term these days. You need to be able to show agencies that you can create an idea which will transcend multiple platforms. Gone are the days where a book full of print ads is acceptable. The 360 degree approach is exactly what agencies are looking for.

Click below for a link to the briefs. Your Account Team is also listed - don't hesitate to contact them with questions about the brief. Richard and I are here to give creative direction, however the Account team should be called upon for everything else.

I've also gathered some great examples of Integrated Campaigns. This time they all come from one source. His name is Andy Pearson and his student book is over flowing with incredible integrated campaigns. I met him on my first trip to the Creative Circus. On top of being a super nice guy with jealousy inducing mustache, Andy is a person who completely exemplifies the term "craftsman". It's evident that he sweat over every single detail in his book. It's no wonder that in only a few short years he's risen through the ranks at CP+B to Senior Interactive Copywriter.

Click HERE for the Creative Briefs.

Click HERE for Integrated Campaign Examples.

Click HERE to visit Andy's website.  

Click HERE to hear Andy talk about what it's like to work at CP+B. The interview is hosted by Dan Balser as part of the school's bi-weekly podcast, Don't Get Me Started

Account Team
Alicja - Cold-FX
Asheton - Habitat for Humanity
Erika - Sobeys Urban Fresh
Joyce - Ontario Science Centre
Julie - Zipcar
Vinita - Kijiji

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