Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun with analytics

I'm a bit of an analytics geek. I check the stats for this blog on a daily basis. I'm curious if anyone is actually reading it (which they are - from places as far away as Australia) but I'm also curious about what they're reading - and what they're not. This daily feedback allows me to optimize the blog and it's posts.

One section of the report indicates the search keywords that have driven traffic to Chocolate Microscope. Often times the keywords are expected, but every once in a while someone discovers the blog completely by accident - in this case while apparently trying to resolve a very important problem.

It should also be noted that Diana's blog post, The Royal Tenenbears: An Examination of the Charmin Bear Family, ranks forth for all time hits on Chocolate Microscope. It just goes to show you can achieve if you manage to to write a post which includes the phrase "barnacles of ass hair".

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