Monday, January 31, 2011

Amanda and Darren hit the Ad World (3)

The one thing Amanda and Darren find interesting is how fast time flies and the fact that no matter how many cookies Darren eats, he stays the same weight. Week three is winding down so let the lessons flow.

Top 10 Pixels for the third week:

1st:  Sharing your ideas in a boardroom is not as scary as you think.
2nd:  Everyone loves Ad Week.
3rd:  Having an opinion is the best tool to brainstorm with.
4th:  Always carry a pen. The best ideas come when you don’t have one.
5th:  Money goes faster than it comes.
6th:  The life of an interns isn’t as glamorous as you think. It’s more.
7th:  Passion is the best quality you can have.
8th:  3D animated storyboards are the way of the future.
9th:  Positivity is the best way to deal with everything.
10th:  Cannes Young Lions is Back!

Highlight of the week: Seeing the Cannes Ad Reel at the Bell Lightbox. It was interesting for AD to experience Ad Week from the working world perspective as opposed to the student perspective. As AD progress in their internship the realization that some of the most creative ideas in the advertising world have been born within these walls is inspiring and a little intimidating.

AD welcomes next week’s lessons with open notebooks.

Amanda Langdon and Darren Ray wrote this blog. No third parties were involved.

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