Thursday, January 20, 2011

Advertising Week Student Discounts

Canada's Advertising Week is quickly approaching. It's a great opportunity to get out, be inspired and network. Thankfully for you guys, they're offering up some great discounts for students.

All Media is Social (Monday, January 24)
In this panel a cross-section of experts from the worlds of Social content, gaming and networking will discuss how all media is social and what this means for brands, advertisers, and agencies.
Regular price: $45 / Student price: $22

The Future of Displace Ads: 7 Predictions for 2015 (Wednesday, January 26)
Barry Salzman, Managing Director, Media and Platforms, Americas will be speaking. Display advertising is at a critical inflection point, poised to create opportunities for advertisers and publishers never before possible. Barry will uncover the secrets behind this display advertising revolution, and look to the future, sharing why display is becoming both sexy and smart.
Regular price: $45 / Student price: $22

Five for Five: MDC Partners Top Thought Leaders (Thursday, January 27)
A discussion on the latest, greatest, game changing thing they are working on now and how they will affect the industry. Moderated by Katie Kempner, Sr. VP Corporate Communications, MDC Partners.
Panelists are: Edward Brojerdi, Co-Chief Creative Officer, kbs+p, Tony Chapman, Founder and CEO, Capital C, Scott Prindle, VP Executive Creative Technology Director, CP+B, Aaron Starkman, Executive Creative Director, CP+B Canada, Cameron Wykes, President BabyRobot and GM kbs+p toronto 
Regular price: $45 / Student price: $22

Beautifying the Internet: Original Content @ Compelling Ads  (Friday, January 28)
Join the panelists to discuss whether content is still king, for both consumers and advertisers, how the Internet has changed the world of content creation and distribution and how advertisers are delivering brand messages online. Moderated by Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image. Panelists are: Graham Moysey, General Manager, AOL Canada, Matt Straz, Co-founder & CMO, Pictela, Ceri Marsh, Co-founder, Sweet Potato Chronicles, Peter Vaz, VP, Director, M2 Universal Digital
Regular price: $45 / Student price: $22

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