Thursday, December 9, 2010

What is advertising? A new file format?

This is a pretty amazing time to be in the ad business. What is being required of us as creatives is being redefine almost on a daily basis. To help explore this, we're going to start a regular series on Chocolate Microscope called, What is advertising? where we look at things that sit outside of traditional advertising and even tradition-non-traditional.

This piece for WWF (the animal people, not the wrestler people) is further proof that a smart idea can easily make up for a lacking budget. Gone are the days when you needed a big TV budget and a huge media spend to get noticed around the world.

To send a message about saving trees and not wasting paper, WWF has created its own unprintable file format. Essentially, it's a modified PDF.

Think about the long term implications here. A more traditional ad might do a good job encouraging people to save paper, but this piece (can we even call it an ad?) actually helps people do it. 

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