Thursday, June 17, 2010

Third-year students spread some Goodwill

I had a pleasant surprise and a proud moment last weekend when I cracked open my local community newspaper. Sitting there amongst strongly worded letters about burnt out street lights was an ad for Goodwill which was created by some of our very own third year students.

It's pretty amazing to see students, who still have another year ahead of them, creating full on real-life campaigns for actual clients. Congratulations goes out to Carla Rimando, Frensi Terova and Kathleen Black.

For those who don't know the back story, the project was brought to Humber by Brian Kellow, who had previously worked with the Ad Centre & CABA students when he was with The Trillium Foundation. When he moved to Goodwill and needed a campaign to help launch the new flagship Islington store, he came to us.

Eight teams presented in the first round, which was attended by Goodwill Executives. Two teams made final presentations to Goodwill Executives and the Board of Directors.

"Ken (Pres & CEO of Goodwill) and I were really taken in particulary by the sophistication of the big picture thinking. We all left feeling like we had our notions about Goodwill challenged and are extremely excited about next steps."
~ Brian Kellow
After the winner was selected production began on the campaign. As is usually the case timing was tight. Everything was working towards the launch date of the flagship store in early June.

Humber was well represented at the grand-opening. Micheal Rosen and Richard Bingham attended along with 2/3 of the winning team. The were all interviewed by the Etobicoke Guardian.

The campaign is currently running in two subway stations (Islington & Kipling), 18 buses on local routes as well as bus shelters in the area. It's also on the Goodwill website and large-scale poster versions are all along the front of the store, facing Islington.

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