Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Books are improving. Now skip the “advertising”

There's a great article posted on ihaveanidea about students and the type of work appearing in their books. It's penned by Tom Beakbane, CEO at Beakbane and regular Portfolio Night reviewer. He contacted me about writing the article as a reaction to some of the work he saw at the 2010 event.

As he put it, "I had a few thoughts on what has been getting better in the books (collaboration, online, "ambient", and apps) and what could do with improving (ideas to build campaigns around & insights to support them)."

Check out the article linked below that really speaks to the need to present campaigns in your book. Having a big idea that can be effortlessly spun out into multiple mediums.

Books are improving. Now skip the “advertising”


  1. Thanks for the post Brendan.

    Judging by this blog, your high level of productivity and your positive attitude you must be a great teacher. Your students are lucky to have you!

    Tom Beakbane