Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How do you get Bogusky's attention?

Fearless Q&A is a live on-line show by CP+B. They discuss a range of topics and it's hosted by Alex Bogusky. Linked below is a great episode and the topic is Stunts people pull to get attention, land an interview, and score a gig.

He brings in CP+B employee Christopher Kahle who Tweeted his way into a job offer and Evan Fry who after stalking Bogusky eventually worked his way up to VP/Creative Director. He later moved on and opened up Victor & Spoils.

As a nice aside Bogysky talks about how he feels about young people contacting Creative Directors via email. Here's a hint....he hates it.

Note: the first minute of the video is dead air, so you'll want to skip ahead to 1:14.

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