Monday, May 31, 2010

AdBands 6

Once you start working you'll find that creative departments always seem to be populated by people with passions other than advertising. You don't have to look too hard to find a half written screenplay or someone who is just aching to get behind the camera.

There's an event coming up which seeks to take advantage of the numerous closet rockers roaming  creative departments all over the city. This annual event not only invites people to squeeze into their favourite pair of red leather pants, but it does so for a good cause.  All of the proceeds go towards The Tennyson Quance Foundation for Autism.

AdBands is now in it's sixth year and is organized by Craig Brownrigg, a Director with Radke Films.

Check out the hilarious promo video written by CABA alumni, Andrew Livingston.


  1. forgot the lines of coke... LOL just joking. LOVE IT!

  2. pretty awesome.
    of course, that's pretty much a documentary on Andrew's morning every day.