Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starring in your own ad

When executing an ad, part of your job is to direct the talent. However you may run into scenarios when time or money dictate that you actually become the talent.

Today for example, while at a music session I was asked to step behind the sound-proof glass and offer up my vocals for a sound effect in my own spot. It's a small part, but my Mom will be beaming with pride nonetheless.

Moving forward I'll ask that you address me as per my one and only acting credit: screaming construction worker.  Click below to hear my starring role.

Much the same, yet quite a bit more interesting, is a story about Jordan Cohen who's currently interning at Y&R Toronto. As if it's not enough that I get him to pick up my dry cleaning and bring me coffee, I also demanded he play the starring role in an ad for Portfolio Night.

Jordan can rest easy knowing that he will be forever immortalized in the program book for Portfolio Night 8 - which is distributed to Creative Directors and students all over the world.

Big thanks goes out to photographer Tyler Gray and Westide Studio for not only creating a beautiful shot, but also pulling together this shoot in a matter of hours. 

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