Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrating our successes: Amanda V

One thing you'll always remember is seeing your very first ad out in the world. For me it was an FSI for Land Rover and it was a beautiful piece. The only problem however, was that it was inserted into a magazine so obscure it was impossible to find. All I wanted to do is walk into a book store and crack open the magazine to see my ad. But that never happened. Instead the publication had to ship us some copies.

It was anti-climatic to say the least.

Fortunately for fourth year student and Twist Image intern, Amanda Vitinner, her big moment played out a bit nicer than mine.

It was Monday April 12 2010 and I walked into the office, turned on the computer with the Yahoo home page welcoming me...but before I could type in the Google address I looked to the side and own work staring back at me! I didn't even know what day my banners were going live, but I guess it was Monday! I was an exciting moment to see something that I made and saw through from every step become alive for everyone to see.

When I started my internship here at Twist I never thought that I would be able to see a project through on my own (with the help of Corey of course) but instead I was briefed and let loose on the TD First Class Visa Adventures Contest banners. And now after working on such a fun project with an amazing client and team, I have my first project under my belt. It is truly an amazing feeling to see your work online.


  1. Awesome! I had this happen tome JUST the other day with a Direct Mail piece for Maple Leaf foods.. its fun seeing something REAL, produced and inspired by you, go out into the real world. Loved these Ads Amanda, they look awesome!

  2. Ya I had the same thing happen too but I knew I was going to see it through since my online banners for Air Miles/ United Van Lines were due the same day I was given the project on. But it was really satisfying seeing something I have done and it being online.