Saturday, February 13, 2010

A day in the life of Google Buzz

Below you'll find a excerpt from a Fast Company article which explores the full potential of Google Buzz. This is pretty powerful technology. As advertisers, the key will be to use this type of thing to integrate brands into peoples lives and not simply bombarding them with location based coupons.

7 a.m. Smartphone alarm wakes you, and you quickly scan it for emails, SMSs, and Buzz. Since Google knows you were at the bar last night, it offers you an ad for a hangover cure.

7:30 a.m. Commuting to work. Browsing your tablet PC on the train, among the string of emails, light web-browsing, and casual Buzz-chatting you do, Google serves you with an ad for a new coffee shop that's opened on your usual walking route from the station to the office. It also knows you're late, and a Buzz-linked local taxi company Buzzes you to check if you'd like a ride from the station so you can make that 8:15 meeting that's scheduled in your Gmail calendar.

10:30 a.m. Collaborative work-base Buzz chat on your current project. Buzz knows you're working, so tones down the frequency and pixel-size of its embedded ads, and stops actively Buzzing you, but pops up adverts that match the theme of your work. Along with placements for MBAs from local colleges, since it knows your education history. And also sneaky adverts for jobs elsewhere that might interest you, based on your demonstrated areas of expertise.

12:15 p.m.. Lunch. The local Buzz-linked McDonald's Buzzes you and asks "Are you hungry for a Big Mac? You liked it last week. Or maybe you're in the mood for our lunchtime hangover cure special: A baconburger?" A local gymnasium ad pops up next, with a special sign-up deal for new members valid for an hour, and a note that two of your work colleagues go there already--one of whom you're friends with and the other of whom is more senior, as Buzz is careful to remind you.

6:00 p.m. Hometime. Idly checking your smartphone to see what your pals are up to, as you shut down your work PC, Buzz knows that three of you are heading roughly the same way inside the next half hour. A local bar Buzzes all of you to suggest a post-work beer.
Click here for the full Fast Company article here. 


  1. I think it's amazing... and perverse at the same time... love it

  2. Another good article, Google Buzz has completely changed the game, here's how.