Monday, November 23, 2009

A short story

The week before I got married was probably the most stressful week of my life. Between last minute preparations and writing my speech I was a complete mess. I was sure that by the time the big day showed up, I would have to be locked up in a straight jacket.

But the weirdest thing happened. I found a calm that morning. I was totally relaxed. And it came from the realization that what's done is done. There was no point in stressing over the little things because no one was going to notice them (like I would) anyways.

Hopefully you guys can find your calm this morning too. Yes this is a big day, but what's done is done. So you might as well enjoy the ride.

If you are a total stress case, you will drag down your book. Much the same as a bright and interesting personality will bring up a slightly weaker book.

So do your final print if you haven't already. Pick out something sassy to wear. And eat some chocolate for breakfast - you've earned it.

Its up to you to make this a great day.

Good luck. You rock. Please email or text me updates as they happen.


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