Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just one more thing before Portfolio Show.

My pants have been buzzing all weekend and it's because of you. The flurry of emails showing off the finished ads, resumes and websites is awesome. You guys are like a bunch of advertising oompa loompas scurrying away on your books.

Wait a second, doesn't that make me Willy Wonka?
That dude was creepy.

Since I won't be able to attend tomorrow I just wanted to offer some last minute advice. Just a few little things to think about before you head out the door. Most of it is going to be pretty obvious stuff, but someone has to say it. Sleep deprivation is a bitch - so I just want to make sure you are more than prepared.

Click below for a pre-show checklist.

  • Is it perfect? Do you love it? No one is going to buy it if you don’t.
  • Does it include every piece you’d planned? Or is there still something sitting on the printer?
  • What about order? It should be an awesome-sandwich (ie. start and finish with your best)
  • Does it clearly indicate your name and craft?

Personal Branding:
  • Do you have lots of business cards?
  • Did you pack extra copies of your resume?
  • Note: For every card you give out, you should be taking one. Always take a CD's card. They’re going to see a lot of people at the show. You should be following-up with them - not the other way around.

Personal Grooming:
  • This is a professional event and you need to present as such. Sure you’re probably running on two hours of sleep, but you can’t look (or smell) like it. Take the time to make sure you look as good as your book.
  • No one is expecting you to wear a three-piece suite or a prom dress, you need to be yourself.  But a professional version of yourself.

  •  The person behind the book is just as important as what's in it. Make sure the Creative Directors meet you. That is meant in the literal sense (ie. make sure you're standing with your book at all times) but also in the figurative sense (ie. make sure they see your true personality)
  •  Have fun. This is an important day, but it should also be a fun day. And the only way people will see the real you, is if you're relaxed and having fun.

Good luck tomorrow. I'm hoping for up to the minute updates - I will be checking email as of 12:30 Monday.

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