Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three executions ≠ Three Ideas ≠ A Campaign

One thing that's come up a few times now is a discussion about the difference between creating a campaign and creating a series of three ads which all utilize the same idea.

What you need to ask yourself is, am I developing three ideas that all work together, or am I executing the same idea three times? And it's sometimes tough to make that distinction, so tough in fact, that sometimes agencies create a "campaign" that is actually the same idea executed three times.

If you are showing three visuals that are only slight variations of one another paired with the same line, then chances are you're just executing the same idea three times.

Here's a Skoda "campaign" that is actually just the same idea done three times. Which is unfortunate, since the art direction is bad-ass.

Now compare that to this campaign for BPAY. Which is all about things that are almost too easy. And they show three different things that are "almost too easy". Even though the reference to "Where's Waldo" feels a bit out of place and relies on borrowed interest, this is still a good example of how to use three different ideas to work together as a campaign.

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