Friday, October 9, 2009

HOW TO: Mock-up non-traditional

In preparation for next week's class, when everyone will be presenting three print ads AND non-traditional work, I've put together some examples on how to properly present non-traditional work in your portfolio.

Take special notice of not only the simplicity in which the ideas are presented, but also the aesthetics of their presentation. Descriptions are to the point and the layout/design is mindful of the brand.


Tide Cold Water: Christina Irving-Bell (AD)/ Bipasha Mookherjee (CW)
(Aug '09 Young Gun of the Month)

Costco: Jamie Fox (CW)
(Creative Circus)

Dunkin' Donuts: Lauren Silva (CW)
(Creative Circus)

Wii Fit: Lauren Silva (CW)
(Creative Circus)

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