Friday, October 2, 2009

Great class, but we've got some work to do + LINKS

Alright, so last night went a bit longer than anticipated. But you guys pushed through and it was still a great class. We saw some awesome work and had some really helpful discussion.

The new briefs will be posted later today - however that doesn't mean you can forget about the ads presented last night. Please take the time this weekend to make any changes we discussed. Do it while everything is fresh in your mind. Some people have small tweaks, while others are just about starting from scratch. It should be pretty clear what you have to do based on last night's discussion, but if you're not sure, please circle back with me.

Trust me - if you wait until the week before Portfolio Show to make these changes you'll regret it. 

See below for links to things we discussed last night. If you send me your link I will update this post:

Where's Dexter? (Thanks Miranda)

Baked In - Alex Bogusky's new book 

Google Wave

the Neil French site (some really great long copy)

Real Life Tetris (we didn't discuss this last night, but it's really cool)

REMINDER FOR THE ACCOUNT TEAM: Please let me know who you're working with and what brief you're working on

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