Friday, October 16, 2009

05.10.09: Creative Briefs + Interactive Samples

Last night was a long and hard class, but you should feel good about it. For the most part, we saw people step up their game and show work that was even better than two weeks ago. I'm seeing a trend and it excites me. Every week we need to challenge each other more and push one another further.

The briefs are linked below. Remember, we're not looking for any print. This is purely digital, on-line, interactive and of course, non-traditional. Your ideas will involve motion and you're going to need to figure out the best way to present them. Make sure you give this some thought.
But please stay on brief. It seems that once we venture outside print, people start to forget out the brief. It's not enough to do something cool. It needs to be cool + strategic.


Below you'll also find links for some digital and interactive examples. You're not limited to what you see here - use this as a jumping off point. If you find something that you'd link to share, please add it to the comments section. 

Page Takeovers
Madden 10
Wii - Wario Land

Rich Media Banners
Apple - Mac vs PC
British Airways

Expandable Banners
HP - TouchSmart

Facebook Applications
Whopper Sacrifice 
Coke Facial Profiler

iPhone Applications
Whole Foods Market Recipes
Zippo Virtual Lighter


  1. maybe it's just me, but is this acrobat file passworded?