Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is advertising? A subway map-turned-musical-instrument?

In a continued effort to question and define the business we work in, here is another edition of What is advertising?

Alexander Chen is an Engineer and works at Google Creative Labs. He's created a site which utilizes HTML5 to turn the New York subway system into a musical instrument using actual subway data. Despite the fact that this effort wasn't commissioned by a client, it's still worth discussing its merits and considering its function as "advertising". Intentional or not, the outcome (ie. a positive interaction with clients), is in itself feels very advertising-ish. I can only imagine that the average time spent on this site (ie. time spent with the brand), is a stat that most advertisers would kill for.

Either way, it's pretty awesome to see something as mundane as subway data turned into something as interesting and fun as this.

Visit  to play the instrument yourself. Check out Chen's blog for some behind the scenes details which will intrigue technical geeks and music geeks alike.

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