Monday, February 7, 2011

Third Tuesday - Free for students

Third Tuesday is a group of social media enthusiast who meet-up, you guessed it, every third Tuesday. This month they're getting together at The Pilot and will be welcoming Francois Gossieaus, co-author of the award winning book The Hyper-Social Organization.
In the beginning, business and commerce were social exchanges – if you sold poor products, people would bad-mouth you and shun your operation, forcing you out of business or pushing you to improve your offering," writes Gossieaux. While we lost that element of personal contact and accountability through the era of mass media and mass marketing, it is being returned to us in the era of social media. Gossieaux argues persuasively that businesses must themselves become hyper-social in order to survive and thrive in this new era.
Together with his co-author, Ed Moran, Gossieaux has conducted annual Tribalization of Business surveys, examining the impact of social media on organizations and how they are adapting to it. The Hyper-Social Organization draws on this data to map a course that business can follow in the era of social media.
The cost is normally $10, but Thornley Fallis has graciously offered to cover the registration fee for those with student ID. 

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