Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grads available for internship (Updated 01.19.11)

In a little over two weeks since the 2010 Humber Portfolio Show a good number of our students have already been snapped up by some of the best agencies in Toronto. While there are some students still available, they honestly won't be for long. Please get in touch if you're interested.

Note: These are 4th year students from Bachelor of Applied Arts - Creative Advertising program.

Art Directors
Jordan Burke 
Jill Botting
Denver Eastman (Hired: john st.)
Tom Gumienny
Colanthony Humphrey
Katie Midghall (Hired: St. Joseph Media)
Michelle Milheiras   (Hired: R.J. McCarthy)
Julia Morra (Hired: GRIP)
Alex Plociennik (Hired: Y&R)

Darren Ray (Hired: Y&R)
Carla Rimando (Hired: Rivet Design Communications)
Damian Simev (Hired: Red Urban)
Shavanti Smith
David Spindler (Hired: GWP Brand Engineering)
Mandy Vortisch (Hired: Kenna)

Whitney Attwater (Hired: GWP Brand Engineering)
Kathleen Black
Spencer Henderson  (Hired: Rosetta
Jenn Keenan
Amanda Langdon (Hired: Y&R)
Katie Maxfield (Hired: Y&R)
Martin Stinnissen (Hired: Zulu Alpha Kilo)
Frensi Terova

Stephanie Aerts
Emily Durtnall  (Hired: Rosetta)
Lisa Hart (Hired: Clean Sheet)
Sam Porter (Hired: Y&R)
Laura Robinson (Hired: Zulu Alpha Kilo)
Rachel Swarts (Hired: Maclaren McCann)
Jamie Taylor (Hired: TBWA\TORONTO)

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