Friday, November 19, 2010

CHOCODOC: The Advertising Interview

The advertising interview is a special kind of beast. It's not like other job interviews. And since we put so much emphasis on your book (which is hugely important) students often neglect adequately preparing for it.

Fortunately, the very people who will be interviewing you agreed to share some tips and tricks for acing your next big interview.

Huge thanks goes out to the following people for making this document possible: Ignacio Oreamuno, Jack Neary, Alan Madill, Dré Labre, Mitch Joel, Peter Ignazi, Nancy Vonk, Tom Beakbane, Suzanne Pope, Andrew Simon, Andrew Shortt, Hayes Steinberg, David Rosenberg, Todd Mackie, Arthur Shah, Shawn King, Joe Musicco, Tony Miller, Brent Choi, David Houghton, Ron Tite, Wade Hesson, Heidi Ehlers

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