Friday, May 7, 2010

Gay for Advertising

2010 is Y&R's second year hosting Portfolio Night. One thing we neglected to do last time around was put together a promo video, a commercial if you will. So the first thing we did a few months back when our interns arrived was brief them on just that. Portfolio Night is all about effecting change in those not yet working in the business, so it seemed only fitting to get Jordan and Mishelle to craft a piece of communication that would resonate with students.

What they came up with was not only attention getting and rooted in truth, but it was also a massive undertaking. The script called for a two day shoot, including ten locations, three hookers and a chicken suit.

Jordan had this to say about the experience:

I couldn't believe David & Brendan gave us this chance.

I remember our pitch meeting with David – we had a bunch of ideas we were pretty excited about. We presented “Gay” and had a few more left, but David cut us off, “I don’t care about your other ideas, I can’t get gay out of my head.”

The entire experience was mind-boggling. Interns shouldn't do stuff like this. That's how you end up with ideas like…this, I guess.

Look out for my new spot "Gay for Zebras". It's not what you think. It's about zebras.

See you at Portfolio Night! 


Agency: Y&R
Creative Director: David Houghton
Copywriter: Jordan "Turbo" Cohen
Art Director: Mishelle Menzies
Copywriter: Trevor West
Art Director: Brendan Watson

Production Company: Hooligan Filmworks
Director: Mark Satterthwaite    
Director of Photography: Brett Van Dyke
Producer: Sarah Riley
PM/AD: Jeff Pangman
Production Associate: Alex Motley
Production Associate: Peter Geilen
Sound Mixer: Thomas Hayek
Key Grip: Mario Frisk
Gaffer: Dave Sheehan
Gaffer: Sean Hearns
HMU Artist: Jessica Steblyk

Post Production
Editing: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Jason Grebski
Transfer: Notch
Colourist: Bill Ferwerda
Music: Tattoo Sound + Music
Audio Director:Steve Gadsden

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  1. Here's what the Globe & Mail had to say. I particularly like the phrase "pre-coital commercial jingle".

    On May 20, more than 40 creative directors will gather at Rooster, the post-production house in downtown Toronto, for the eighth annual local Portfolio Night, a sort of professional speed-dating event held in 38 cities around the world in which ad industry hopefuls spend a few hours pitching their samples, and themselves. The promotional spot for this year’s Toronto event tells the bittersweet story of a young man from the sticks who, after telling his parents he is “gay for ads,” is kicked out of the house. (In a flashback, his former girlfriend relates how she once dressed up in a restaurant’s chicken costume to sing him a pre-coital commercial jingle.) In the end, happily, our wandering adman finds a welcoming community of similarly marginalized creative types. So much for the bigots who say legalizing gay marriage will lead to people shacking up with donkeys. Advertising and chickens, sure. But donkeys? That’s just weird.