Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Focus Group Says

One of the joys of working in advertising focus groups. There's nothing quite like driving out to London Ontario after a long day at the office and sitting behind a one-way mirror while regular everyday people wax poetically about your ad. The problem (one of many) is that when you give people $50 and a can of lukewarm pop the feel like they have to say something. Anything in fact. No matter how absurd: “You have to know me. I’m very jaded when it comes to toilet tissue” and "I feel like the peas and carrots are too sexual" are two fine examples.

Most of us will laugh it off and hope the client ignores the bizarre suggestions. 2009 grad Andrew Livingston took it one step further though and created a hilarious Facebook Group and Twitter Feed to chronicle the absurdity.

And if you enjoy The Focus Group Says, you'll probably get a kick out of Research Hell, linked below. It comes to us from Burn Back, the infamous rockers who brought us Make the Logo Bigger.

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