Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Third year student Rebekah Noseworthy submits this post about animated short film Logorama. It's about time someone showed Ronald McDonald in a more accurate light - wielding a gun.  

Most of you have probably seen it, but I had to share it just in case.

For you movie buffs out there, (and advertising fanatics alike) I'm sure it was no surprise when Logorama took the Oscar for best Animated Short. The film attracted a lot of attention earlier this year at Sundance, and took home the big boy just a couple of weeks ago at Hollywood's best party for film. For the most part, people don't usually pay attention to short film categories, but this one will definitely make you sit up and take notice. It was written and directed by H5 / Francois Alaux, HervĂ© de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain. From the obvious, in-your-face logos (approximately 2500 were used), the more you watch these 15 minutes of genius, the more you notice the little details. Enjoy!

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