Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What? You've never heard of a Hogism?

There's an incredibly talented writer named Sally Hogshead. If you haven't checked out her stuff already, do it now. And I'm not just talking to the Writers. Everyone should be well versed in all things Hogshead. Don't believe me? Check out her bio below:

In her second year of advertising, Sally won more awards than any other copywriter in the U.S., and was described as “the most successful junior copywriter of all time.” After working at Wieden + Kennedy and Fallon McElligott, by age 27 she’d opened her first ad agency, with clients such as Target and Remy Martin. Three years later, she opened the West Coast office of Crispin Porter + Bogusky as Creative Director/Managing Director. She was the first-ever host of the national Adweek conference, and part of the team winning the $100,000 Grand Kelly prize for MINI Cooper. Her work has collected hundreds of honors, and been invited into showcases ranging from “Best Ads on TV” to The Smithsonian Museum of American History.

She's about to release a new book entitled Fascinate: your 7 triggers to persuade and captivate.  If it's half as good as her blog, it'll be well worth the sticker price. Here's a little sneak peek:

It's due out next week (Feb 9) so in the meantime, check out the PDF of Hog-isms she sent over. It's full of inspirational gems, like "The world is not changed by people who sort of care." and "The power of branding is to make the unfascinating, fascinating."

To download Hogisms click here and here.

Click here for Sally's website. 


  1. So when are we booking her?

  2. Siiicccccckkkkkk. I have to buy this book... or make someone buy two so I can steal one of them...