Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Celebrating our successes: Sarah & Chelsey

It's been a while since we've heard from our forth year students who are out on placement this semester, so check out the story below from Sarah and Chelsey who are currently crafting their craft and doing their thing at Anderson DDB.

And if there's something cool happening at your placement, please write it up and send it my way. As mentioned before, this isn't a forum for bragging, but instead an opportunity to check in and support one another.

I always assumed my internship would be grueling. And I guess, in a lot of ways, it has. I am working 11-12 hour days on average (give or take 4+/- hours) and am writing more than I probably ever have in my life. My partner, Chelsey, and I have really taken all the internship advice to heart – first ones in, last to leave, ask everyone if we can help, and deliver more than what’s asked. We have even initiated Dress Up Fridays for the creative team.

So far, we have been very fortunate – we are working on real briefs and are starting to see some exciting results. Chelsey and I have been working closely with the Creative Director Jane Pritchard on another new business pitch. Our work is being pitched tomorrow and is going head to head against Tony Miller, the other Creative Director’s creative senior team. Tomorrow is also my first pitch to the client (up until now, all my work has been vetted through senior creatives). I have been working with another Art Director to develop an online campaign.

Today though, was by far our biggest success to date. We helped win a new client for the agency! The client actually bought two campaign ideas we came up with – one will be for print/ direct mail and the other will run online. We worked with another junior team to help execute the idea so we can’t take all the credit, but we were competing not only against other senior teams for the account, but other agencies.

They certainly are keeping us busy - but I love it. Some of the science can be a little over my head, but everyone is great to work with and they are very supportive. They really fight for good ideas at DDB (we don't always win), but internally they respect the creativity.


  1. Woo Sarah & Chelsey! You guys are da bomb! Keep up the good work ladies!

  2. This is great news! DDB must be blown away. I think they're lucky to have found you both!