Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Industry Gossip

So as if building an amazing book and keeping up on current technology/trends wasn't enough, you're also going to want to be up on your industry gossip. But when I say 'gossip' it's less about infidelity at the agency Christmas party and more about Creative Directors and clients jumping ship.

Knowing who to call and what account they just landed (or lost) is key.

However, since that information isn't always readily available and/or you won't necessarily know which gossip is relevant to you, I'll do my best to post the good stuff here.

David & Goliath sets up shop in Toronto + hire Isreal Diaz
This is huge. David & Goliath is based in LA and is opening up in Toronto to serve Kia Canada, an account which left Publicis last year. When it was first announced that D&G was crossing the border it was speculated that their Toronto office might just be a small Accounts outpost, but with the hiring of powerhouse Creative Director Isreal Diaz it's becoming quite clear that they have big plans for their newest office.

Red Urban sets up shop in Toronto + hire Christina Yu
In a similar story UK based Red Urban landed the Volkswagen Canada account. To service the new client Red Urban has set up an office in Toronto and recently announced that award winning Creative Director, Christina Yu will be joining them. Since 2005 Christina was VP/CD at Lowe Roche.

Dentsu lures Jonathan Careless
Jonathan Careless, who aside from being an all around good guy and talented writer has resigned his post as VP/CD at Grey Toronto for a position at Dentsu. This piece of gossip might actually be a Chocolate Microscope exclusive, since I can't seem to varify it through any other media source - however it is mentioned on Jonathan's own personal website.

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  1. Also note that Israel Diaz clocked in at an impressive #2 in the CD listings in Strategy Mag's Industry Report Card (and #4 as an Art Director), released this week. (CABA grad Neil Domingues, who interned at Leo before being hired up by Bos, described Israel admiringly as "a machine".)

    Also: Red Urban recently contacted Mike Rosen looking for an entry-level accounts person. We directed a few of our key graduates their way; waiting to hear what happened.