Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thursday Night's Optional Class

Just a quick reminder about Thursday's class. The presentation is coming along really nicely. As mentioned I'll be covering off the entire process of making a commercial. I'll be focusing on the LG spot which is on air now.

We'll look at everything from brainstorming the concept to final post-production and everything in between. I've pulled together old scripts, pre-production documents, pictures/video from set, rough cuts and of course, the finished commercial.

There will even be a special guest. Nope, not Tom Cruise. My partner, Sam Kates, will be on hand to offer a Copywriter's prospective.

While the class is optional, I really hope to see each and every one of you. The seperation anxiety has already begun to set in.

It's unclear what room and what floor we will be on - so please be on time.

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