Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grads available for Internships (Updated: Feb 22, 2010)

See below for a list Art Directors, Copywriters and Account People/Planners who are available for Winter 2010 Internships. These are 4th year students from Humber's Bachelor of Applied Arts - Creative Advertising.

Art Directors
Leah Barrette   (Hired)
Sharlet Christina (Hired)
Kristina Ferraro (Hired)
Erica Griffin
Sheera Kendal
Mishelle Menzies (Hired)
Chelsey O'Connor (Hired)
Deirdre Skol
Elias Theodorou
Amanda Vintinner (Hired)
Juan Saavedra

Jordan Cohen (Hired)
Cameron Karpiel 
Megan MacDougall (Hired)
Megan Menzies
Laura Noseworthy
Sarah Rutherford (Hired)

Alicja Nowak (Hired)
Asheton MacLeod (Hired
Julie Goodison (Hired)
Vinita Bakhale

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