Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Personal Branding Examples

So I hear the buzz around F202 these days is all about personal branding. Websites, resumes, business cards and the such. We all need them so wouldn't it be bad-ass if someone put together a PDF of some really well done personal branding?

I'm pretty sure if you click below you'll find a link. And I'm also quite certain that you should probably take note of the following things:

All of these examples aren't just designed well, they're also designed to reflect the person. This isn't one sized fits all. It needs to be all about you. Plus, if we started doing really boring standardized resumes, what would bankers do? Those guys have the MS Word resume locked down tight.

Every piece works together. The websites and resumes all feel like they comes from the same place - not only in look, but in tone. This is the "paper" version of you. I should feel like I know you after visiting your site and reading your resume.

This is a chance for EVERYONE to flex their pen - not just writers. Every opportunity is a creative opportunity - this is no different. Imagine telling me your life story. How would you you do it? Would you speak in monotone (ie. 12 point Helvetica)? Probably not.

Click HERE for examples.

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