Sunday, September 20, 2009

FREE High-Rez Photos from First Light

First Light is a Canadian stock-photography company, with a huge collection of quality images. I've worked with them for years and have always been pleased with the process and the product.

Recently, I spoke with one of the reps in their Toronto office and he agreed to give Humber students full access to their rights managed library. That's thousands of beautiful high-resolution shots. Forget about watermarked, pixilated images - First Light wants to help make your books look top-notch.

There's a bit of a process though. You'll need to start by heading over to First Light and creating a login. Then you'll need to send me your user name. From there I'll send all of the user names to Chris (our friendly First Light rep) so she can give us high-res access.  Please send me your user name no later than Wednesday evening, to ensure your account is active by Thursday.

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